Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set (415021 with gold G string)


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The sound of Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin strings is full-bodied from the very bottom to the top of the register. The great dynamic range allows skilled players to explore confidently both the finest nuances of quiet passages and create powerful sonorities when playing close to the finger-board or using a strong bow arm. Two versions of the G string are available, one wound with gold and one with silver. This flexibility allows the performer to gauge which string will match his or her personal preference as well as that of the instrument. The gold wound G string gives a round and full tone, while that of the silver wound G string emphasizes brightness. The innovative material used in the E string offers excellent response and a large, noble, and smooth sound to the very top of the register. All genuine strings are imported by Georgetown House of Strings from Germany.

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